What’s in your Glam bag: Ipsy July 2016

oops…So we are well on our way with August and I am realizing that I wanted to post this quite a while ago so here I go now!

I subscribed to Ipsy in June and the July Glam Bag was the first bag I received. I’ve heard and read sooo many great things about the bag that I had to try it for myself! I got my bag around the second week of July, but when I opened it, I wasn’t that impressed by it. Don’t get me wrong-the stuff in the bag wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t all that great either. I thought that since they make you take a quiz before signing up about your likes/needs, that the bag would be a little more tailored.

The cost of the box every month is $10 + tax and free shipping. So for 5 products, the low price is a pretty good bargain. The bag is great if you’re looking to try out different products that you may not currently use.

Let’s get to the good stuff and I’ll share with you what I got in my pouch this month:

For starters, the theme of this month’s bag was Hot Summer Nights and if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really see how the bag or the products fit with the theme. The bag was cute with the holographic material and umbrellas (I thought they were the mint candies at first). I don’t really need another makeup bag right now, so I will probably see how I can reuse it!



The Products:


  1. theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Matt Moskowitz: I couldn’t find a firm price on this. The pallet is about $42 and individuals are sold for $5.50, but i don’t know if you can buy this particular color individually. This color is a little darker than what I normally wear. Normally, I go with a nude color where this one is a purple/wine color. I’m not sure that I will use this color, so maybe I can gift it to someone who loves eyeshadow! img_2658
  2. tre’StiQue Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent: The full size retails for $34 and this was a mini version of it.I don’t use highlight and I don’t really have the patience to try and learn how to properly apply it lol For me, this product was a no-go!
  3.  ModelCo  POWERLASH Black Mascara: The mini retails for $9, so this is basically paying for the bag if this is a product that you are going to use! I used this almost as soon as I got it! I love trying new mascara’s as I’m always trying to get mine to look bigger/fuller. This was also a mini size which I feel is perfect for trying something out. img_2660
  4. Not Soap, Radio When life gives you too many lemons: The full size of this product retails for $18 and I’m not sure what size was in my bag. In all honesty I haven’t used this. This product is a hand/body lotion, but I’m really picky when it comes to lotions and their scents. I’m not sure if I will use this or not. The description states that it is perfect for travel and is incredibly light weight. img_2661
  5. Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215: This particular brush retails for $10 ( the price of the bag), so this is a good deal! While I love makeup brushes, I don’t use an angled one all that much and still have a MAC one in my bag that I have maybe used once or twice.  From what I have read, this is a great brand that is built to last! I’ll probably see if my bf’s sister wants it as she is a makeup artist!

While I could get an exact price of the whole bag, based on the 2 products that had prices for the sizes that I got, the bag is worth at least $19 (mascara & Luxie brush) which makes the bag worth seeing as the bag is clearly worth more than $10! I will continue to subscribe to Ipsy and hopefully my bags get better as I go!

To subscribe to Ipsy use my referral link to discover new brands/products that you might come to love that you wouldn’t otherwise try!


p.s I will try and get my August review out much sooner than this July glam bag review!

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