Wedding Venue Shopping Pt. 1

Happy Sunday y’all! I hope you’re out there having brunch and sipping on mimosas!

As you all know, I got engaged in November and I said that I would post about my adventures of wedding planning. I’ve said from the beginning that I didn’t want a Wedding Planner because I don’t want someone to come in and change all of my ideas, plus I’m controlling and like to be in charge at all times!


Yesterday Mr. Fiancé and I went with my parents to check out a venue that I’ve had my eye on for probably a year now. It’s basically an empty warehouse, but with the right touches it would be perfect for the country rustic theme we want. When we left there everyone but me was a little less than thrilled about the venue. Of course I was heartbroken because this is what I’ve wanted for so long that I really hadn’t looked at any other venue.

Here is what the space looked like on our walk-through

Once I calmed down enough and actually talked about it, I did realize that there were a few flaws in the place that I’ve worked up so much in my head. For starters, the lady that we met with didn’t have a portfolio of prior events that have been held there, something that might show what the space looked like all done up since, like I mentioned before, it’s literally an empty space. There were a few other things that once I thought about it didn’t like either:

  • They have these support poles that are half painted yellow (you can have white drapes put on them)
  • There is no private bridal room
  • There is no on-sight kitchen (everything has to be catered)
  • There is no separation from the cocktail hour space to the dinning space (I know this might seem silly to some people)
  • You also have to bring in your own dance floor and extra lighting

Here are some pictures of how beautiful the venue looks when it is all done up and is exactly the reason I want to have my reception here! In my opinion, it is just so different than other weddings I’ve been to.

This is a photo of what that same space looks like done up for a wedding! Isn’t is just so beautiful though?

I absolutely love this bar area! It fits perfectly with the theme we are trying to obtain!

That being said, I will be open minded and start looking at my other options but I know that I don’t want to compromise so much that it’s no longer the wedding that I’ve always envisioned for me and Mr.

Until next time!


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