Invasion of the Space Squirrels – August BARKBOX

Happy Friday y’all! I tried to post this yesterday, but something happened and you couldn’t see my post just the title. But I’m not going to let that get me down because today is the start of high school football for the school I coach at and there is nothing I love more than those Friday Night lights (ahh the memories that come flooding back)!! But that’s a conversation for another day, let’s talk about the box I’m going to be reviewing today.

Ok, so I got my August Barkbox last week. I’m still loving this box (it’s super convenient and I don’t have to go to the pet store for toys/treats) and Bella loves it even more since it’s for her! Even Kodiak wanted in the action this month.


Barkbox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus there is a new, cute theme every month. Bella is a cairn terrier that I adopted from the shelter as a puppy, so I chose the “Small & Cute” size (0-20lbs). You can choose to just buy 1 month for $29, 6 months for $25/box or 12 months for $21/box.

For August, the theme was: OUTER SPACE (which fit perfectly with the Eclipse we witnessed on Monday)


Here is a BREAKDOWN of the goodies in my box:

Tranquilized Trudy Space Squirrel – Value = $8.00

Bella dove right in the box to snatch this toy up and then ran away with it…5 minutes later I find her in my parent’s room with 2 legs chewed off already (this is the reason I get her a box every month…to destroy toys). This toy is perfect because the squeak isn’t too loud and it’s not super annoying when she walks around the house squeaking it at all hours! I usually let her play with toys until there is no more stuffing in it and is completely destroyed.


Bark Side of the Moon Treats – Value = $6.00

These treats are made in the USA without any grain, wheat, corn, or soy, these treats are perfect for any pooch parent who doesn’t want to worry about wacky fillers or artificial preservatives. Made with delicious chicken and natural cheese flavor! Both Bella and Kodiak LOVED these! They’re super cute treats because they’re shaped like the moon. These got a 2 paws up from my pups.


Crumps naturals Salmon Snaps – Value = $8.00

These treats are made in Canada with wild caught pacific salmon and are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. Feel good about giving your pup a taste of the sea for a treat or snack because these snaps are wheat-free and made without any dyes, fillers, or preservatives. Kodiak LOVES all food/snacks that taste like salmon so he was in doggy heaven when I gave him one of these!


Chew F.O. –Value = $8.00

No longer unidentified, this Chew F.O. is known for close encounters of the furred kind. It’s stuffed with our satisfying deep disc squeaker. The fuzzy blue tail makes for splendid shredding or thrashing. Also great for a game of fetch, your pup will want you to be the constant tosser for this saucer. This toy is great for mid-sized and small pups!


Sawmill Creek Smokehouse Pig Ear Chew –Retail Value = $3.00

I couldn’t find the exact one that was in my box, but I linked the 10 pack version. Your mutt will love munching on this tasty treat from the folks at SawMill Creek. Dried bits of pig have never tasted this good before! The pig ear is slow dried, which produces a super-tough, super-tasty treat for your pup. This is all natural and gluten free. My dogs don’t actually get to eat the chews since I worry about them choking and it’s just way too big for Bella (she’d probably eat the whole thing in one sitting).

pig ear


The value of this month’s box is $33 which is less than last months’ box.  For the $21 I pay per month, I thought that the value was a little low this time around. I still love the box and there are a lot of positives to the box: Bella and Kodiak get to try out new treats, Bella gets to destroy a new toy every month, and I don’t have to go to the pet store for any of that! It’s literally a win-win for all of us so I will continue to subscribe to my box!

The box automatically renews each month, but it’s super easy to cancel at any time. Like I mentioned above, a monthly box is $29, but if your go for a longer subscription, the price goes as low as $21/month (this is what I have).

If y’all subscribe the box what were y’alls thoughts on the content this month? If you want to learn more about the box you can click here and read all about it. If you want to subscribe, you can use my referral link here.


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