The Ring Boxes August: A Box for the Bride-to-Be

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I got my The Ring Boxes box in the mail towards the beginning of the month and was pleasantly surprised that I like everything in the box this month! There were a lot of super cute things in the box that any bride-to-be would love!

“Who doesn’t love flaunting that fiancé title and flashing your new fabulous bling! You always want to have all the newest and cutest bride to be goodies when you’re engaged and The Ring Boxes gives you just that, one big box full of all the most popular and fabulous bridal products each and every month leading to your special day! Each month we arrange a new box packed with full sized custom gifts, wedding décor, beauty and spa products as well as date night perks! Giving our brides the ultimate bridal experience.”

The Ring Boxes was created in January 2017 so it’s still pretty new. It features handpicked bridal items delivered right to your door each month.  You can choose from monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month packages. The price varies depending on which subscription you choose. Since my wedding is exactly a year away, I choose the 12 month package which brought my pricing to $35/month or $420 for the year. A single box costs $40. This box is the perfect subscription for the bride-to-be!

This there was a definite theme to the box and it had to do with all about being a bride!


Here is a BREAKDOWN of the AUGUST goodies in my box:

  1. Bride to Be Sash by SassySash – Retail Value = $21.95

Sassy Sash is the leader in luxury sashes for any occasion! Each sash is made custom so you can match your event colors, theme, and even add a #hashtag to the back. These are the perfect gift for your Bridal Party or for any other occasion you can think of! I will def be wearing this on my Bachelorette Party in May and I will probably purchase some for my Bridal Party so that they can match with me! The company can also be found on Instagram @SassySashSashes


  1. Gold Plated MRS Necklace designed by Jewels by Durrani – Retail Value = $45.00

Celebrate your soon to be new title with this gorgeous gold plated necklace. This is super cute and definitely dainty enough to wear on a daily basis. This is brass coated in a gold so tbh I don’t know if I would pay $45 for this necklace…BUT since it was in my box I’ll be sporting this cute little necklace for a while!


  1. Calm Before the Storm Candle by Lux Illumie – Retail Value = $15.50

This Lavender & Lemon scented soy candle provides calm and peace to soothe the soul during all those important meetings, tastings, fittings and long nights of wedding planning to come. This brand lasts for such a long time!  Last month I got the “She Said Yes” candle so I was really happy to get another candle from the Illuminating Love collection in my box!


  1. Couples Mugs created by Before the RingsRetail Value = $22.99

I couldn’t find the exact mugs I received but you can shop all Mugs at Before the Rings HERE. Wake up your love to their favorite cup of coffee! The perfect set for any couple, these everyday mugs are dishwasher safe & durable! Lazy Sunday mornings in bed just got sweeter! Ok, but how cute are these!? I know that my hubby-to-be doesn’t drink coffee but he does enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate so, it’s a win in my opinion!


  1. Shower Steamer by Lizush Retail Value = $2.20

This All Natural, Vegan, Non GMO, colorant from roots, essential oils shower steamer will help you to relax & unwind as the spa like aromas fill your shower. I don’t think they sell these individually, but here the link to the Lizush website and here is their etsy shop page! I’m not sure how I feel about a shower steamer. Like do I just stick it on a shelf in the shower with me? I love the way it smells, but I just don’t quite understand how it works!



The box also came with 2 recipe cards. One was a recipe for the bride to be and the other was a recipe for the perfect date night. One was “Seared Scallops over Angel Hair Pasta” and the other is for “Pizza Margherita Crostini”. They both come with a recommended wine pairing. I think that this is such a good idea for the soon to be bride to have a collection of recipes to make. I can’t wait to try out both of these recipes!



The value of this month’s box is $107.64! While there are some items that I wouldn’t pay for or wouldn’t pay that high of a price for, I felt that the value of the August box was REALLY good. The cost of the box was less than half of what the whole box was worth, so that was a major WIN in my book. I was super pleased with my box this month and it just makes me even more excited for the big day in 9 months!

I think this box is a great for the bride-to-be and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my year subscription has in store for me! After my year is up and I’m married I will cancel my subscription but only because I will no longer need a bride-to-be box delivered to my door every month!


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