San Diego – Brewery Day Trip

Good Morning friends! I have been meaning to post this FOREVER! Literally. For Robert’s 29th birthday, we decided to take a little day trip down to San Diego to do a little beer tasting at a few breweries that he was interested in. We woke up super early Saturday morning (March 2, 2019) and drove to San Diego.

First Stop: Green Flash Brewing Co.

We made it just in time to snag a spot on the brewery tour. At the start of the tour, they gave us a taste of their special beer they were promoting that weekend. During the tour we learned about how they make all the beers in house and the process that each one goes through.

After the tour, we grabbed a drink and then decided to head out to our second spot as it was getting a little crowded. They had a large selection of beers and I felt like they had something for everyone’s tastes. I’m not a huge beer fan, but they had something that even I enjoyed. I believe Robert got the Hoppy Birthday and I got the Passion Fruit Kicker.

Second Stop: Saint Archer Brewing

This was my favorite stop hands down. We chose to do two flights instead of just one regular drink. In my flight, I got: Razzleberry, Peach, Sour IPA, and Chocolate Strawberry Stout. The Razzleberry was my favorite as it reminded me of a cider (my favorite drinks). I ended up getting a case to go and am super bummed that I finished them over the summer. We didn’t stay here very long as it was raining so all of their outdoor seating was unavailable and they didn’t have a ton of indoor seating.

Third Stop: Iron Fist Brewing Company

UPDATE: They have permanently closed their doors due to COVID.

This stop was not what we were expecting; it was in more of a shopping center and had apartments above it. I think the location was fairly new when we went.

Fourth Stop: Mission Brewery

It was closer to dinner time by the time we got here and were getting pretty hungry so we only grabbed one drink each before leaving for dinner. I liked the options at this brewery and liked that they had the option to purchase a sampler size (the small glass in the picture). They had games that you could play and gave off more of a bar vibe.

Dinner: BarleyMash

Robert had been here before while on a Bachelor Trip in San Diego but this was my first time. It was all delicious! I would definitely go back. The restaurant is located in the Gaslamp District, so it’s super close to all the bars and nightlife. If we had planned better, we should have stayed the night so we didn’t have to drive the two hours home.

These are all places I would recommend stopping at if you are ever in the SD area. If you are not planning on traveling anytime soon, definitely bookmark this and save it for later. If you do plan on heading to SD, I would call ahead to make sure they’re open and to see what they’re COVID protocol is! If you have any questions feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!


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