the long road to finding a job

job hunting

Why is it that almost every adult tells you to go to school and get a college degree so that you can get this AMAZING job when you are done? I went to school, I got decent grades (they could have been better), I graduated in December and here I am in the tail end of June still looking for ANY job that will take me.

Trust me, I’ve been looking, but apparently I lack experience and my qualifications aren’t there…I would love to know how an entry level job expects candidates to have 3-5+ years of experience!?  I’ve looked high and low; I’ve applied to almost 40 some jobs and have gotten either rejection emails stating my lack of qualifications or I’ve just gotten lost in the sauce of hundreds of other applicants.

Don’t get me wrong I know that everyone wants a job and all, but someone with a Bachelor’s degree should not have this much trouble getting a job that only requires a high school diploma!!  I know that I’m being a little picky when it comes to looking (I don’t want to drive too far or the pay isn’t up to par) and I’m definitely spoiled by my internship that is officially over in August (I get paid over $15 an hour here).  I’ve even moved my search criteria beyond looking for jobs that I went to school for (Marketing) and looked into secretarial jobs, office administrator jobs and real estate assistant jobs (I recently got certified to take the CA Real Estate exam).

I currently have one job pending with the City of LA, but I’m honestly not 100% sold on the position.  I know that people would kill for this opportunity and that I should start thinking about benefits and retirement now, but I don’t know, it’s not what I went to school for and the starting pay isn’t great. But it is a job and there is a lot of room for promotion within the city the longer you stay with them.

But until I get a job the poor me saga will continue in my head of wondering how in the world a recent college grad could possible have the 3, 5 or even 10 years of experience necessary for that entry level job!


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