nobody likes you when you’re 23

I am officially out of the age where nobody likes you! I turned 24 this past Saturday and boy am I starting to feel a little bit old.

Here’s me and my baby on my birthday!

As I laid in bed at the end of my birthday, it hit me that I am going to be 25 next year but as I sit here and write this post, I: 1) realize that I have absolutely no purpose to this blog post and I don’t even have a title for it yet and 2) start thinking about my life up to this point. Have I done enough for someone who is 24? Could I be doing more adventurous things? Should I have my dream/forever job right now? Should I create a bucket list of things I want to do before I turn the big 25!?

I think that I have accomplished a lot but there are A TON more things that I could have done before I turned 24. I mean don’t get me wrong I graduated college (yay me!), I landed a job (not my dream job, but one that will provide me with health care and a pension), and I have a great boyfriend of almost 5 years. Buuuuut I still live at home (hey, times are tough), I haven’t done nearly enough traveling (it’s super expensive right now) and my non-existent 5 year plan could really use some attention.

So here I am at 24 and I want this year to be the best one yet; so I’ve decided to make a bucket list and share it with all of you!

Things to do before I turn 25: 

  1. Get engaged (I know this one isn’t up to me, but I can hope right?)
  2. Buy a new car – I have wanted a new one for a while as my current car is 10 years old
  3. Save enough money to move out of my parents house – this one is a little unrealistic at my current pay scale but I’ll still put aside money
  4. Travel to at least 5 places big or small – I can’t currently take time off with my new job because of a probationary period
  5. Follow through on plans I make with friends (It’s always the same…”omg, let’s hang out” and then it never happens)

Last but not least, I have decided that all I really want to do for my 25th birthday is to spend an entire week either in Hawaii or in New York City! I know they are completely different but I enjoy both and the relaxation from Hawaii would be great after my 1 year probation (I can’t take any time off for a whole year) but at the same time, NYC is my absolute favorite place to go. I guess I have some time to figure this huge dilemma out!

make it happen

Let’s hope for the best this year and make every moment count!


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