FabFitFun Fall 2016 Box

Ok so here I am again, much sooner than I thought I’d be able to post, but I just had to share with you guys!  I received my Fall FabFitFun box about a month ago and I wanted to wait until I had used most of the items inside before I posted about it!!

I was super excited when this bad boy came in the mail. I had signed up for the yearly subscription since I loved the first box so much so I knew 3 of the items I would be getting.

Here is everything that came in my box including my Add-ons which I will talk about in another post!

Here is a break down of what came in my Fall 2016 box:

FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils – Retails $14

This was one of the items that I already knew I was getting, but I choose for it to be a surprise and ended up not choosing between the Nature or Things Coloring book. I think this is such a cute idea seeing how coloring books for adults are huge right now! This is a definite stress reliever for me and keeps me busy for hours. The only thing that I dislike about this item is that it only comes with 6 colored pencils, so I have to use my own if I want more colors.

Modcloth Loch and Key Scarf – Retails $34.99

Plaid scarfs are so IN for Fall right now so I’m super stoked that this came in the Fall box! I was able to choose this color combo from the 4 different options that they had. My other options were: green and blue, black and white, or brown and black with white. I really liked the multi color option as I felt that it could go with a variety of things. This one is super big and kind of hard for such a small person to wear but I’m still trying to get the hang of it. 

Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer – Retails $16     

This sponge is supposed to rejuvenate, moisturize, and restore your skin to leave it feeling soft as silk. I was a little skeptical of this product at first because “how could it possibly contain multiple uses and wouldn’t the soap just rinse out?” Well I have been using this for the past 2 weeks everyday and it definitely still has a ton of soap left in it which is great and I always feel clean and refreshed after using it! This product came with a coupon for a percentage off and I will be doing some traveling in the near future so I think that I am going to buy a few smaller ones to pack in my bag! It’ll be one less liquid to take with me on the plane!

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum – Retails $50 

So I have never used a serum before, but after using this one, I have to admit that I am hooked! With a price of $50, I can’t guarantee that I will purchase this again (I may have to find something less expensive or find someone selling this item for cheap!). I like the way that this didn’t feel sticky when I put it on my face at night and I liked the way it left my face feeling in the morning. I didn’t really see a huge difference in the way my face looked, but I liked the way it felt so I’ll keep using it and hopefully see a difference after a few weeks using it!

Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil -Retails $18

This is one item that I know for sure I will not be using due to my sensitive skin. I’m sure that this is a great product meant for relaxing and hydrating the body and I wish I could try it out. I have never heard of this brand before finding it in my FFF box, and I honestly haven’t read any of the reviews on it, so sorry about that!

The BrowGal Clear, Water-Resistant Eyebow Gel -Retails $20

Ok, I have never used a Brow Gel before, but when I went to go visit my brother, I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I did my brows in the morning before work and slicked this on as directed and went about my day. By the time I landed in Idaho and got to the hotel it had been about a 17 hour day and even after being on an airplane, my brows looked as if I had just done them! I think this is a great product that will last a long time since a little goes a long way and I don’t need to use it everyday!

 ToeSox Toeless Fitness Socks -Retails $18

LOL I couldn’t think of anything redeeming to say about these socks! They are just weird in every sense and not something that I will be using anytime soon. I personally don’t like toe socks, there is just something weird about separating your toes like putting mittens on your feet. I hope that some of you out there liked this product.

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette -Retails $50

I was a little unsure about this item at first since I am most definitely a MAC eyeshadow kind of girl. I ran out of my go-to, everyday color and found that the 3rd one in on the palette was pretty darn close. This palette is great for getting that warm, nude look going. I use this palette for everything now, from my everyday look to going out, it’s a staple in my make-up bag!

The Created Co. To-go Coffee Mug -Retails $19

This was the third item that I got to choose. The other option said: “Joy comes in the morning”. While this is super cute, I have about 5 other coffee mugs at home so I’m not sure that I’ll be keeping this item (maybe I can regift it?) This is a cool company though because they donate 10% of profits to charity: water’s mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to those in need!


Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths – Retails about $4.00

This was an interesting item in my opinion, but I have found them to be very handy. I took them on the plane to Idaho with me and found many uses for them!

Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel -Retail $0.83 (for a sample size)

Who doesn’t love a trial size deodorant!? They’re super easy to throw into your gym bag, your purse, pretty much anywhere! I know I keep this around with me and it is great because it doesn’t have that overwhelming or flowery scent.

The total value for this box is $234.00 which to me is such a great deal for the price of the box! I’m really excited to continue using the items in my Fall box, but I can’t wait to see what the Winter box has to offer!

To subscribe to FbFitFun AND get $10 OFF, use my referral link to get in on all the fun that FFF has to offer!! You won’t regret it!

FFF is great because if you decide that you no longer want to receive the box, You can unsubscribe at anytime!


P.S. Let me know your thoughts on the Fall Box! I can’t wait to hear about your fav product!

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