We’re Going to the Chapel…

Happy Thursday y’all!!

Have I got some super exciting news for you!! This past weekend I got ENGAGED to the man of my dreams! He planned everything out to the absolute “T” to plan my picture perfect, dream proposal!

Let me break it down for you…it was Saturday morning and we had just left a funeral for one of our friends’ grandpa. My best friend texts me and says “When is the BF finally going to ask you to marry him?” Needless to say, BF and I end up getting into a little tiff and of course I end up in tears (when am I not crying?). He tells me soon it will happen and all the usual responses.


I was told that we were meeting some friends in Laguna Beach for dinner Saturday night and that I HAD to be ready to go by 3! So I get picked up and we drive out to Laguna where I am informed that our friends were running late. BF suggests we go take a walk on the beach until they get there.

We head off toward the sand and when we get down there BF doesn’t start walking, instead he stands there with his shoes in one hand and his other in his pocket. I try and get him to walk, but he just keeps looking at me and asking if I was still mad from that morning. I tell him no and to lets go because the sun is starting to set. He tells me to wait and then proceeds to ask me yet again if I’m mad and how much he loves me and how he only wants to make me happy and then he FINALLY says that he wants to show me how much he loves me and gets down on one knee and asks if I will marry him!!!

AHHHH of course I said yes (my actual response went something like “about time”) and immediately started crying tears of joy! This was the moment I have been waiting for since forever! He tells me that he had someone taking video/photos of the whole thing and I just about die of happiness!

I absolutely love my ring that my future Mr. picked out for me all on his own!


I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life and to share it all with you! I hope that you’ll follow along while I start on all my Wedding planning craziness!


**Also if you’re ever out in Laguna Beach, you have to try The Deck on Laguna, they have the best lobster quesadilla and grilled cheese!!

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