Target Beauty Box: June

The Target Beauty Box is a one-time purchase monthly box that includes deluxe and full sized beauty products that you can find at Target and of course other retailers.

The box varies in price from $7-$10 so it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase a box. I like that you can choose every month if you want to buy the box or not since it’s not an actual subscription.



  1. Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen – Value for 2 oz = $2.25

The full size 8oz bottle retails for $8.99.  Lightweight, breathable formula offers 12-hour hydration and SPF 30 broad spectrum protection. I’m going on my first vacation of the summer this weekend so I can’t wait to try this out. I’m a huge fan of Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, so I know this product will be great as well!


  1. Jon Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray – Value for 1 oz = $2.99

You can buy this travel size or the full 5 oz bottle for $8.99. Non-drying formula texturizes hair for a tousled look, windswept waves or piece-y perfection. I CAN’T stand getting this product in my boxes!!! This product doesn’t work on my hair and I end up getting rid of this spray every time I get it.

jon frieda

  1. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Clad in Plaid – Value for 0.5 oz = $1.99

This is a full size item! Highly pigmented nail color dries quickly and has a smooth, satin finish. This is a super fun looking red color. Perfect for summer time. I can’t wait to use it and see how it looks on my nails!


  1. Masque Bar Soothing Sheet MaskValue for 1 count = $3.49

Skin-moisturizing sheet mask helps hydrate and soothe skin for a healthy-looking complexion. While I love masks, I’m not a huge fan of sheet masks. I think that my face is too small or something because the mask is always WAY too big on my face!


  1. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Treatment Value for 1.7oz = $0.53

An 8oz bottle retails for $2.97 and the 16oz bottle retails for $4.99. Conditioning treatment transforms dry hair into silky, shiny waves with Australian aloe, jojoba and sea kelp. I actually just used this and was pretty impressed with the product. I don’t normally use deep conditioners, but since I went a little blonder my last hair appointment, I figured my hair could use a little lovin. My hair felt great after using it and it looks a lot healthier!


  1. Schick Hydro Silk Women’s RazorValue for 1 = $8.99

5 curve-sensing blades with concentrated serum and shea butter moisturizer for up to 12 hours after shaving. Perfect! I needed a new razor! I really like this razor but I’m not too picky when it comes to my razors, as long as they’re not the cheapy, throw in the trash the next day kind, then I’m good.


  1. NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer in Medium– Value = $5.99

Coconut oil-infused, waterproof concealer blends to hide imperfections without creasing or caking. I wasn’t really a fan of this or the brand. There are very few NYX products that I like to use, but this isn’t one of them. I’m very particular about my concealer since I tend to break out easily so I stick to one brand and one brand only.



The value of this June Beauty Box is about $26.23. Since this box was only $7 plus shipping (mine was free shipping + 5% off since I have a Target Debit Card) this is a great deal! For this particular box, I felt that the value this month was really good since it had 4 full size items and the rest travel size. This is perfect for trying out a new product that you may not normally buy.

I think this box is a great deal and I love trying new products every month! I can’t wait to order the July box!


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