Wedding Wednesday: The Ring Boxes

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I got my September The Ring Boxes box in the mail last month and I know I’m super late on this, but let me tell you…there were a lot of super cute things in the box that any bride-to-be would love! So I decided that even though it’s October now, I still wanted to show y’all what I got in my box last month.

“Who doesn’t love flaunting that fiancé title and flashing your new fabulous bling! You always want to have all the newest and cutest bride to be goodies when you’re engaged and The Ring Boxes gives you just that, one big box full of all the most popular and fabulous bridal products each and every month leading to your special day! Each month we arrange a new box packed with full sized custom gifts, wedding décor, beauty and spa products as well as date night perks! Giving our brides the ultimate bridal experience.”

BACKGROUNDThe Ring Boxes was created in January 2017 so it’s still pretty new. It features handpicked bridal items delivered right to your door each month.  You can choose from monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month packages. The price varies depending on which subscription you choose. Since my wedding is exactly a year away, I choose the 12 month package which brought my pricing to $35/month or $420 for the year. A single box costs $40. This box is the perfect subscription for the bride-to-be!


Here is a BREAKDOWN of the SEPTEMBER goodies in my box:

  1. Rose Gold Bride Bracelet by With Love From Katie – Retail Value = $23.00

This custom rose gold bar bracelet has been hand stamped with love from Katie! You can check her out on her website for perfectly imperfect one of a kind jewelry! You can also find her on Instagram Brides… use coupon code “IDO10” at checkout to save 10% off your whole order! Ok so how cute is this bracelet!? It’s super lightweight and dainty. It’s perfect for every bride-to-be and is easily worn. You know just by looking at it that it has been made with love. I love wearing mine and wish I knew someone getting married so I could get them one!


  1. Couples Pillow Cases designed by Mush Made – Retail Value = $24.99

These sweet custom pillowcases are the perfect addition to any bed! I couldn’t find the exact ones that I got in my box, but I found this set on Etsy which is almost an exact match! Bed, Bath and Beyond also has two options you can get that are super cute as well! And of course Etsy has plenty of other options to find a look that you love! AHHH ok these are also super cute! They look great as décor pillows as I would definitely not sleep on them. They are perfect for decoration and look good on any bed! I can’t wait until the fiancé and I get our own place and I can put them on our bed!


  1. I DO Candle by Lux Illume – Retail Value = $15.50

Third in its series the bright and bubbly floral blend of Magnolia and champagne captures the magic of the moment when you say “I do”. You can purchase this in the Illuminating Love Collection. This is the 3rd candle in the series and the 3rd one that I’ve received. These candles are great and really last a long time. This one smells great!


  1. Satin Sleeping Mask – Retail Value = $18.00

I couldn’t find the exact sleeping mask I received but you can find similar ones on Etsy and, of course, on Amazon. Every bride needs her beauty sleep! Block out the sun with this elegant satin sleeping mask. While this is really cute, I’m not all that into sleeping masks. I’ve read all about the benefits, but I just don’t like something covering my eyes while I sleep. This might be the only thing that came in my box this month that I didn’t love.


  1. Reasons I Want To Journal by JournalingJane – Retail Value = $6.50

I found this and so many other cute wedding themed journals on the JournalingJane etsy page. They range in price from about $5.50 to about $12.00. Write out the reasons you want to marry your sweetheart for a meaningful gift to give them the night before your wedding that they will treasure forever. This journal is sooo cute. I was already looking at the one that says “a journal of the last 100 days of our engagement”. I think this would be the perfect gift to give your future Mr. and something that you can both go back and look at forever.


  1. Personalized Stroopwafel Wedding Favor – Retail Value = $1.50 each

Your wedding guests will love these unique treats so much! Give them away as a single or set of stroopies individually wrapped and personalized favors. Available as a circle or heart shape to add even more love to your wedding day. This item is from This is a super cute idea, I’m not sure if it’s the direction that we’re going in for our wedding, but they have a lot of options to choose from.



The box also came with 2 recipe cards. One was a recipe for the bride to be and the other was a recipe for the perfect date night. One was “Tomato Spinach Chicken Pasta” and the other is for “Roasted Potatoes and Kielbasa”. They both come with a recommended wine pairing. I think that this is such a good idea for the soon to be bride to have a collection of recipes to make. I can’t wait to try out both of these recipes!



The value of September’s box is $89.50! This is a little low compared to other months, but is still worth more than what you are paying for the box! While there are some items that I wouldn’t pay for or wouldn’t pay that high of a price for, I felt that the items in the September box were REALLY good. I was super pleased with my box last month and it just makes me even more excited for the big day in 8 months!

I think this box is a great for the bride-to-be and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my year subscription has in store for me! After my year is up and I’m married I will cancel my subscription but only because I will no longer need a bride-to-be box delivered to my door every month!


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