Wedding Wednesday: Finding My Dream Dress

Happy WEDDING WEDNESDAY y’all!! I know it’s been kind of a while since we talked about my wedding, but I just have the absolute BEST news to share!


It was literally everything I thought it would be. I am overwhelmed with happiness by my choice and I can’t wait for the big day for y’all to see what I picked.

Buuutttt since it would be bad luck to show off my gorgeous dress now, let’s talk a little bit about my experience.

Every other Friday I have off from work, so my mom and I picked a Friday I was off and decided just to go look at dresses so that I could get an idea. Mind you, I had absolutely no idea what kind of dress would even look good on me! So we get there and right away I’m super intimidated by ALL the dresses in the store. The lady working was super friendly and helped me sign in and get going on picking out a few styles I might want to try.

I wanted a ball gown style dress so badly, but after trying one on I realized that I am just too short for that style (it was heavy and made me start to feel a little claustrophobic). I tried on quite a few different styles and let me tell you, not everything out there is cute! My stylist was really helpful and when I found a dress that I actually liked, she would go and pull a few more of that look or style. I finally narrowed it down to one or two dresses but my mind kept going back to this “one” dress I had tried on. I got a little case of cold feet and had to walk out of the bridal boutique without a dress.

Side Note: this isn’t my dress!

That night I knew that dress had been mine and I started to get nervous as that had been the only one in the store. My mom kept telling me that if it was meant to be, then it would still be there in a few days when we went back. That night I texted my MOH and asked my soon to be mother in law if they could come with me and my mom to pick out a dress.

A few days later we went and my girl was working again (yay!!), I told her that I wanted to try on my special dress again and we picked out a few other ones to show my little party. I tried on a couple of dresses and then finally put on the ONE and I knew immediately that this was going to be the dress that I walked down the aisle in. I started to tear up and when I walked out I knew from their faces that they agreed. This was MY DRESS, there was no question about it. The girl I was working with put a veil on me and I was DONE, I started crying and my mom started getting teared up.  I told the lady that this was the one and that I would be walking away with my dream dress that day. I still have to get it altered since it is a tad bit big on me, but it is absolutely beautiful and once it is paired with my veil, I know that it will be perfect.


Finding my dream dress was such an emotional experience for me. I know they always say on TV that you just know when you put it on and I can honestly say that is 100% true. I’m glad that I didn’t have 50 million people there with me and that I just took the people who mean the most to me. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle towards Robert in 8 months and see that look on his face and the tear in his eye.



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