January LP After Party Sale

Happy Wednesday and happy 2018 y’all!!! There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with a great sale! So drum roll please…the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is now LIVE. I shopped  this sale back in August and loved it, so when I got the email about the sale in January, I knew it was a must shop. This is one of the only times that Lilly items go on this kind of sale and let me tell ya, it is totally worth it. The wait time this morning to get into the sale said 25 min, but it only took 20 (there were about $14,000 people in front of me!). Once I got in thought I had no problems maneuvering around the sale and finding things that I LOVED. You can check out the sale through this link here and then hit the “shop now” button!

LP Sale

Below I’ve linked some of my favorite items (I actually purchased quite a few, even though my credit card might be crying and the rest were items that I just loved). Very important to note is the fact that all items are FINAL SALE so you have to be 100% you want the item and that it’s your correct size.

LP Jan Sale

Row one: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Row two: 1 / 2 / 3



Normally $64     On Sale for $19

This top is super cute. I got this in my normal size, XS. I love the pinks and oranges in it. I think that this top will transition very nicely from Spring to Summer. I bought this with the hopes of wearing it on my honeymoon!

LP 1

SLEEVELESS ESSIE TOP (True Blue Seas the Day)

Normally $58     On Sale for $24

I got this style top during the August After Party Sale and loved it so much. I like the way it fits and is nice and cool when it’s hot. I originally purchased this in an XS and it was just a little bigger than I would have liked. I put this one in my cart this morning, but moved too slow and it sold out in my size!

LP 2

KEY ID CASE (Multi Coco Coral Crab)

Normally $28     On Sale for $14

How cute is this ID holder? It’s perfect for taking to the beach or if you just need a little something to keep your ID in. I like that you can attach your keys to it as well. This is perfect for vacation!

LP 3

PACKABLE ESCAPE WEEKENDER (Multi the Swim Accessories)

Normally $134     On Sale for $99

This is such a good deal for this bag! It is $35 off making it under $100! It looks like the perfect size for a weekend getaway or a carry-on for the plane! I already made my purchase and I have WWAAYYYY too many bags, but I would have definitely bought this bag!

LP 4

CRAYTON RACER BACK TANK TOP (Indigo Keep on Trunkin)

Normally $48     On Sale for $19

How can you pass up a $19 Lilly tank? Especially one with elephants on it! This is such a cute, casual look. This tank is over 50% off!

LP 5

ESSIE TOP (Multi Sea Salt and Sun)

Normally $58     On Sale for $24

I ended up getting this one this morning during my online shopping trip! This is very similar to the one I talked about above, 4 items up. I had this in my shopping cart during the August sale and didn’t end up getting it, but I was lucky enough to get it this time!

LP 6

COURTNEY SHIFT DRESS (Brilliant Blue Catch and Release)

Normally $178     On Sale for $54

Ok y’all this dress is more than 50% off! I just had to get it, I got it in my regular size 0 so hopefully it fits the way I’d like it to! And can we just take a min to talk about how cute the back of this dress is! Talk about showing a little skin (in a good way)! I def bought this with my honeymoon in mind!

LP 7

ROXI TOP (Multi Sea Salt and Sun)

Normally $108     On Sale for $29

I actually love this top, but I didn’t end up getting it. I had to weigh the pros and cons of it and couldn’t come up with enough times that I might wear this. At over 70% off, this top is such a steal and I highly recommend getting this if you think you’ll wear it!

During this year’s January sale, I bought with my honeymoon in mind. We’ll be going somewhere beachy/tropical in June and how perfect are these pieces?! My advice to all y’all shopping today or tomorrow is to think about things that your summer wardrobe was missing last year or what you think you may want this year and buy it. Go for it; I know that it’s close to Christmas and you may not want to spend that much, but this sale only happens twice a year. Get a head start on your summer wardrobe now! Even though I had to wait in a virtual line to get into the sale, once I was in it was smooth sailing! I can’t wait to get my things in the mail so I try them on and share with y’all what I love about each piece.

Let me know if any of y’all hit the online sale today or if there were any special finds that you picked up. I’d love to hear all about your experience!


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